Hi! Great Site. Perfect.
Rose E. Lefebvre(non-registered)
I keep coming back to view your photographs. I love them and they help me get an idea of how to shoot.
I also enjoy photography. I love to hike but found my mind would keep talking to me and was stressed still. But when I added a camera I started focusing on what I saw and not on what was bothering me. Great therapy! I am told I have a very good eye and people seem to enjoy my pictures. I love taking them, editing and sharing. I feel it makes people become more aware of our lovely world when they view my photos. What do you think? Here are a couple photo posts on my blog:
Connie Smiley(non-registered)
Brian, these are remarkable images, from the stillness of a single floating leaf to a Great Blue Heron in the act of catching its prey. Thank you so much for sharing them.
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