On A Stick: Carolina Wren II

November 18, 2014  •  30 Comments

This is the second go round for the Carolina Wren in my stick series. When you consider how fidgety they are, I'm happy anytime I can catch one perched on the stick long enough for photos.

(On another note, I was recently the fortunate winner of TexWisGirl's giveaway at her blog. I received an awesome eagle drawing! If you've never entered for one of her drawings, you should - they're incredible! You can get the skinny at The Run*A*Round Ranch Report when it's giveaway time. I've included a photo of the drawing below the wren.)


Carolina Wren1/320 sec. f/6.3 ISO 2000 1/320 sec. f/6.3 ISO 2000


Carolina Wren1/320 sec. f/7.1 ISO 2000 1/320 sec. f/7.1 ISO 2000

Linking to Wild Bird Wednesday


Drawing by TexWisGirl



janice schaub(non-registered)
what a beautiful little bird. There is something very special about wrens. great shot too.
Connie Smiley(non-registered)
Such expressive, perfect shots! It's my favorite bird, and I'm glad you had the patience to wait for it to land.

Lucky you; that's a wonderful painting!
Stewart Monckton(non-registered)
I'm jealous on a number of levels about this post!

Great photos and a great picture - my name will come out of the hat one day!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne
Great shots of the wren! That stick is working out pretty well for you. So you won the eagle, nice!
tanya breese(non-registered)
what a chubby little guy! and congrats on texwis's drawing!! what a great home it is going to!
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