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November 04, 2014  •  23 Comments

Photographing wildlife isn't just about getting the frame filling close-up shots. I enjoy those, but I've learned that showing animals in their habitat is just as rewarding. In this case, it's a Green Heron hunting along a small creek lined with tangled roots. If you strive to create photos that tell a story, sometimes you have to look beyond the main subject.


Green Heron1/250 sec. f/6.3 ISO 1000 1/250 sec. f/6.3 ISO 1000

Green Heron

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Daniel LaFrance(non-registered)
The colours pop! Bonus... the Heron is on a stick too. :)
Agreed entirely with your commentary.... its a lovely shot.

Sat here in the comfort of my home while the rain teems down outside and then thinking as soon as it stops I am off out, may not find your creek but who knows where....

beautiful ..... love the colours...
I agree with you Brain. This is a much more interesting than a photo of a bird on a branch or at a bird feeder.
rose l.(non-registered)
His colors are amazing! His eyes and legs match!
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