It's All About The Seeds

July 22, 2014  •  17 Comments

In this case, it's all about the safflower. The finches, cardinals, and doves love it. Some of the House Sparrows have now started to eat it, too, which is unfortunate. They're such messy creatures. An even bigger disappointment is the fact the tree rats are eating it as well. They ignored it for a long time, but I guess they're dealing with the bitter taste now. It just goes to show nothing is truly squirrel proof.


Female House Finch1/400 sec. f/6.3 ISO 3200


Female House Finch1/400 sec. f/6.3 ISO 3200


Female House Finch1/400 sec. f/6.3 ISO 3200 1/400 sec. f/6.3 ISO 3200

Female House Finches


Mourning Dove1/400 sec. f/7.1 ISO 2500 1/400 sec. f/7.1 ISO 2500

Mourning Dove

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What fantastic birds and great pictures.
About all we get at our feeders are sparrows, grackles, and starlings. I think I'll give the safflower seeds a try. Beautiful photos!
Absolutely stellar photography, Brian.
We switch to safflower seeds when the starlings and grackles get so numerous that they keep all the other birds away.
Sonjia G Breathtaking(non-registered)
Beautiful images of all birds. The finches are greedy birds, but I love to watch them at the feeders. Have never tried giving them Safflower seeds,... think I'll give it a try, to see if the Collered Doves that hover around come down to feed.
Mary Howell Cromer(non-registered)
Not sure why,but I have to type name, email and blog site in every time for your new site. Not sure what I need to do for my settings. Hmm so those tree rats like the safflower seeds, they love it all then. Sweet pics~
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