Corner Stones

August 28, 2014  •  21 Comments

This is representative of some of the old stone fences we have in Kentucky, particularly around horse farms and along back roads. There is an effort to preserve the ones that are left. Many have disappeared due to time and neglect or suffered damage from vehicle collisions and/or vandalism and theft.


1/40 sec. f/16 ISO 320

1/40 sec. f/16 ISO 320

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Just ADORE this stone fence! When my Mom & I went to Ireland many years ago, we saw many stone fences, and especially loved the "lace" ones that had the holes between the stones so light would get through. I have no idea how they made those! But, I adore stonework, and it's wonderful there are still some left in Kentucky, though a shame that so many have been damaged or destroyed. They were probably built by Scots-Irish, remembering home.
Evelyn Spikes(non-registered)
When I see any kind of stone fence, I think about all the work involved in building one! In rural NE Oregon (all of it is rural, actually), there are a few stone fences, but they seem to be more of a property marker than a fence to keep animals in or out!
Stephanie's Images(non-registered)
Beautiful stone wall highlighted with nice post editing effect. Love thst fence. Gorgeous and nicely composed
so beautiful, so much work!! it's nice to hear they are being preserved. these are similar to the ones i saw in connecticut!!!
I always love to see old anything--fences, barns, homes, walls, trees, ...
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