A Strong Female Lead

December 05, 2015  •  9 Comments

If you've ever photographed ducks in flight you know how fast they can fly. I've had far more deleted shots than keepers when trying to freeze these speed demons in mid-air. The majority of ducks cruise between 40-60 mph. The fastest duck ever recorded reached a speed of 100 mph while being followed by a plane. When ducks migrate they typically fly somewhere between an altitude of 200 feet and 4,000 feet. Ducks have been seen as high as 21,000 feet. It's no wonder they're often referred to as the "fast food" of the animal world.


Hooded Mergansers1/1000 sec. f/10 ISO 400


Hooded Mergansers1/1000 sec. f/10 ISO 400


Hooded Mergansers1/1000 sec. f/10 ISO 400 1/1000 sec. f/10 ISO 400

Hooded Mergansers

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Ida P. Krause(non-registered)
Amazing birds and amazing shots of them in flight. I enjoyed the facts about them too.
Sherry in MT(non-registered)
I'm with you, they are so freaking fast as flyers but also they are some of the most freaky spooky of the waterfowl as well. So on that note - TOTALLY impressed with these images. Pat yourself on the back for these for sure!
Aren't we always in the lead?? Great info, awesome shots!!
Stephanie's Images(non-registered)
Lovely images!
Beautiful birds, aren't they? (And those are great shots of them in flight, Brian.)
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