Project 105: Pine Cones

August 22, 2015  •  17 Comments

I'm starting a new series I've decided to call Project 105. I chose that name simply because all of the photos in the series will be taken with my Sigma 105mm Macro lens. The Sigma 105 is a true macro lens meaning it can produce images at a 1:1 life size ratio. Many lenses have a macro "function", but technically aren't true macro lenses because they cannot produce the 1:1 ratio. That aside, many of the photos I take with the lens are not macro. The Sigma 105 is a fantastic short range prime telephoto. I don't do much in the way of portrait photography, but many people who do like using a lens like this one. It's a very sharp lens and also my fastest with a maximum aperture of f/2.8. It's faster than even my Canon L series lens.

Because it's a fixed focal length, the lens forces me to move around to get the shot I want rather than relying on zoom capability. If you ever find yourself in a photography rut, one thing you can do is use a fixed focal length lens and force yourself to shoot with it for a day or a week or whatever time frame you determine. Limiting yourself to something like a fixed focal length can actually make you see things differently.

At any rate, here is the first in my Project 105 series. And I'll be continuing my On A Stick project, too. I wanted to have something new to work on when I'm not working on the stick series.


1/30 sec. f/2.8 ISO 400 1/30 sec. f/2.8 ISO 400


1/100 sec. f/4 ISO 400 1/100 sec. f/4 ISO 400


1/30 sec. f/4 ISO 400 1/30 sec. f/4 ISO 400



The detail is marvelous! I will be enjoying this new series. Great shots!
Barb Hale(non-registered)
Fantastic photos! I'm looking forward to this new project. AND you had me going to B&H and drooling over that lens. I agree completely about the prime lens, but get lazy and rely on my zoom. Maybe this will inspire me to be more creative.
Stephanie's Images(non-registered)
Splendid shots! I am going to enjoy this series. Looking forward to more.
Pamela Gordon(non-registered)
I love these macro shots of the pinecones. Beautiful captures and so much detail. Have a great week!
Terri @ Coloring Outside the Lines(non-registered)
These are great shots, Brian. I love taking macro, but I don't have the right lens, so I guess I have been doing it of these days I will learn all these terms!
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