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February 23, 2016  •  14 Comments


I'm fairly confident this is a juvenile Cooper's Hawk. Distinguishing between a Cooper's and Sharp-shinned can be frustrating especially with the juveniles. However, after consulting several references and looking at some of my previous hawk photos, I'm going with Cooper's. If I'm wrong it certainly wouldn't be the first time. I watched this one make three attacks on the feeders one afternoon and each attempt was unsuccessful. Because of the trees and fence in the back yard there's not a lot of room for a bird of this size to maneuver.


Cooper's Hawk (Juvenile)1/160 sec. f/16 ISO 1000


Cooper's Hawk (Juvenile)1/160 sec. f/18 ISO 1000


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So very handsome! Great captures. Unfortunately, I'm not much help distinguishing between a Cooper's Hawk and a Sharp-shinned. I love them all, though. : )
tanya breese(non-registered)
he has such an intense stare...he's awesome!
Sherry in MT(non-registered)
What a glorious creature and how lucky are you to have iy right there. Totally jealous!
Gorgeous, detailed shot of this beautiful bird!
Ida P. Krause(non-registered)
He's quite a handsome fellow. I'm happy he didn't get any little birds at the feeders even though I know he needs to eat too.
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