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May 10, 2019  •  5 Comments


A few weeks ago we had a pigeon show up out of the blue at the feeders. It must be a country pigeon because we're nowhere near the city. I've never had a pigeon at my feeders even when I lived in town. Smigeon is always by himself and has been a regular since first appearing. Sometimes the Mourning Doves look at him like he's the weird cousin they've never met.


Rock Pigeon 1/4000 sec. f/6.3 ISO 2000


Rock Pigeon 1/4000 sec. f/6.3 ISO 2000


Rock Pigeon 1/3200 sec. f/6.3 ISO 2000


Rock Pigeon 1/500 sec. f/6.3 ISO 2000


Rock Pigeon

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Stewart M(non-registered)
Strange that he (she?) is on his own - birds of a feather normally flock together and all that.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne
Adam Jones(non-registered)
Not everyone's favourite, but beautiful in it's own way.
Lavender Dreams(non-registered)
How amazing! He maybe didn't stop to ask for directions! Beautiful sighting for you though!
Eileen Wise(non-registered)

I see pigeons often in the country. They are seen on tops of barns, fences and eating off the ground. Great photos, it is a pretty bird. Thanks for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend. PS, thank also for leaving me a comment.
i did not know they were so beautiful!! nice name!
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