Tournament Sky

November 19, 2020  •  7 Comments


These photos were taken in August at the beginning of our daughter's very long golf tournament season.


Kentucky 1/400 sec. f/8 ISO 100


Kentucky1/250 sec. f/8 ISO 100


Kentucky 1/200 sec. f/8 ISO 100


Kentucky 1/250 sec. f/8 ISO 100


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Jim, Sydney, Australia(non-registered)
Great skies.
Gorgeous views
My guess is the golf course is not only to play golf:) Great skies here!
Peter B.(non-registered)
These are spectacular skies. I wouldn't be able to concentrate on my golf because I would be admiring the skies too much!
Alan Bates(non-registered)
Wow, those are great dramatic photos. That first one especially is fantastic!!
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