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1/20 sec. f/5.6 ISO 800 1/20 sec. f/5.6 ISO 800

This barn sits on the grounds of an old mental institution. Some of the buildings are believed to be haunted. The institution moved a few years ago and the property was sold to new owners who have renovated the buildings. Eerie occurrences have continued even recently. During renovation earlier this year, two electricians quit after reportedly seeing a ghostly body in the ceiling of one of the rooms where they were running cable. Not long ago an employee used his cell phone to record audio of lockers slamming shut repeatedly with no one around. Workers in another building claimed to have seen the ghostly figure of a nurse in a 1950's uniform. 

In the loft of this barn there's a single rocking chair that sits next to a window overlooking the grounds. An employee went up to the loft not long ago to see what was there and saw the chair rocking back and forth on its own.

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Wow! Such an eerie shot, Brian. I find stories like that rather intriguing. I once was a skeptic about "ghost stories", but I have learned better since living in a house that had spirits of it's own.
Oh what stories we might hear if only the walls could talk. Such sad places.

tanya breese(non-registered)
ohhh i love this post, and picture!!
Interesting and thrilling duet this week, the image and the words.
Ida P. Krause(non-registered)
Super image made even creepier by your commentary. I love the vines creeping up the wall.
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