On A Stick: Carolina Wren

September 20, 2014  •  21 Comments

In case you missed the first post, I've started a project called "On A Stick" with the idea being to see how many different bird species I can photograph on a dead branch in my backyard studio. All of the photos have to be from the same branch. This is the second post in my potentially award-winning series. *cough* If the Blue Jays are difficult to photograph on the branch, the Carolina Wrens are next to impossible. I got VERY lucky with this shot. The little one even brought a tail accessory.


Carolina Wren1/250 sec. f/6.3 ISO 3200 1/250 sec. f/6.3 ISO 3200

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ohhhhh, so cute! I had to scroll backwards through all the "On a Stick" guys.... I see now that I should have planted a lovely branch in my garden .... I'm getting tired of seeing them only on the bird feeder... although....today I did finally get a couple of the chickadees on a Hawthorn tree with a couple of berries ...and, also in the dead branches of the lilacs... they are so quick... and finally I got lucky and outguessed them a few times. It was darn cold out there ... I had to give up finally ...for today.....
Connie Smiley(non-registered)
That may be the best photo I've ever seen of my favorite bird! Award winning indeed, and no coughs about it.
Daniel LaFrance(non-registered)
I've never the Carolina version of this bird; but your's is a standout!
Coloring Outside the Lines
Oh, he's a cute little guy- and you certainly should be award winning- your shots are awesome!!
Just beautiful! I love the Carolina Wren!

Had a real chuckle over your Dad chasing the bat with a broom! :-)
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